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The Air Jordan shoes 7 was Released February 1992 when Michael wins his third MVP award, his sixth scoring title, a finals MVP award, his second championship and his second Gold Medal. He ends an incredible season by sinking 35 points in one half of game one in the finals against Portland.

As Good As It Gets

While wearing the Air Jordan 7’s, Michael Jordan won his third MVP award, second NBA championship, and the NBA scoring title. On top of that, Jordan took home his second Olympic Gold Medal when the Dream Team of ‘92 crushed the international competition including a 116-48 rout over Angola.

Air Jordan shoes VII (7) – Buy From StockX

By this time nothing could stop Michael and his confidence must have been at least 110%. The Bulls won their second straight title and he picked up a number of awards and honors. Jordan also went off to the Olympics bringing home another gold medal for the USA. This of course with the unforgettable Dream Team of ’92.

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Hatfield created a shoe with lots of similarities with the previous model. What was unique with the VII’s was that they used some of the Nike Huarache technology to create a shoe that really stuck to your foot. What also made you either frown or smile was the fact that the visible air sole, the Nike Air logo, and the yellowing soles all were gone.

When Michael went to the Olympics with the Dream Team, Nike released a special olympic color combo of the Air Jordan shoes VII’s. This model also featured Michael’s olympic jersey number, 9 which made it very special since all of the previous models that featured his jersey number had always been either stitched or printed with the number 23.

 Hate it or love it

The Air Jordan shoes VII was one of the first models that really caused the customers and collectors to take a stand. Some people straight up hated it and others loved it more than any previous model.
Sure, taste is individual and previous models had also been met with criticism but nothing as obvious as with the VII’s. Who knows, this might have been due to the fact that Jordan’s popularity was huge by now and that Air Jordan’s now were exported to all four corners of the globe making the customers a greater number than before.

Ever since the Air jordan shoes VII’s taking a stand when it comes to the design has been a lot more obvious and we’ve always seen distinct pro and con divisions within the circle of customers.

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