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International Women’s Day | A Day That Should Draw Attention

March 8, a day to remind people all over the world that women are still disadvantaged or oppressed in different areas of life today. A day that should draw attention to the fact that even in the 21st century there is no 100% equality between men and women. Since its inception, the internationally acclaimed day has come a long way, and so it’s time to take a closer look at the history of World Women’s Day.

World Women ‘s Day was launched in the early 20th century, when socialists, and especially women’s rights activist Clara Zetkin, advocated an International Women’s Day. This happened at the second Congress of the Socialist International in 1910 in Copenhagen. Initially, the Women’s Day established itself without a fixed date and first took place in 1911. In Germany, Austria, Sweden, the USA and Switzerland, women came together to demonstrate together for the rights of women. Even then, World Women’s Day dealt with the demand for equal rights and equal opportunity in working life and the fight for public voting and voting rights. These rights are “not special rights, but human rights,” as Clara Zetkin in the socialist women’s magazine “The equality” explained regarding their women’s day demand. Except in Finland, no women from a European country were allowed to vote at this time. In 1918, German women gained the right to vote, so that in 1919 they were allowed to participate in the election for the National Assembly of the Weimar Republic for the first time.

The World Women’s Day on 08 March

In 1921, during the Second Communist Women’s Conference, Clara Zetkin enforced March 8 as the common date for the Women’s Day. Why exactly the 08.März was selected for the Women’s Day, is not very clear and there are various assumptions about it. On the one hand, it is possible that this date recalled the strikes of textile workers in New York in 1857 and 1908. In these strikes, the textile workers campaigned for their rights. On the other hand, the historian Kerstin Wolff of the Archives of the German Women’s Movement assumes that Clara Zetkin has called herself to a women’s demonstration on March 08, 1917 in Russia.

The ban on Women’s Day

During the reign of the National Socialists from 1933, the Women’s Day was banned. Instead, Mother’s Day was celebrated and made aware of the woman’s “biological obligation”.

With a new women’s movement in the Federal Republic in the late 1960s, the Women’s Day came back to consciousness and since 1980 has gained in importance throughout Western Europe. And this year, women around the world will be raising awareness of women’s rights with events, celebrations and demonstrations on March 8, which have either been achieved or have not materialised yet.

Barbarians And Other Cuddly Fantasy Heroes

It only seems paradoxical at first glance: the big money in the mobile games sector is in free-to-play. The free games flood thousands of clones and copies the download stores and often make their money with the frustration of the players. In the meantime, as many game designers as psychologists are tinkering with the most successful free-to-play titles, which take extremely high sums every month – who care that lust and compensated frustration are in the best possible relationship. Korean mobile MMO offshoot Lineage M alone received over $ 223 million in July 2017.

That’s when the success stories of mobile developers who make their living selling their games are almost cute. German developer Arnold Rauers recently proudly announced the achievement of a milestone for his studio Tinytouchtales: With his – recommended at this point – smart card games Miracle Merchant, Card Crawl and Card Thief Rauers took a total of $ 500,000, as he announced on Twitter ,

With the one-time payment, not only is it not necessary to spend more money, but the games can also be limited in their design to making fun – because they can do without the constant animation of their players, but at last spend money.

Also this month, we are introducing a series of such mobile games worth their money. And as usual, a few free representatives are also there. Have fun playing!

The 2011 released first Battleheart is a classic of mobile strategy games. With Battleheart 2 finally appears a successor, as it should be: bigger, better and, above all, prettier than the aged original. Unlike the Battleheart Legacy released in the meantime, the development studio Mika Mobile this time has remained true to the gameplay of the first part. In real-time battles, the player leads a team of four cuddly fantasy heroes with intuitive controls against mostly outnumbered monster groups in the field.

Battleheart 2 would not be a role-play if there were not a lot of level and equipment upgrades, and that in abundance. A huge adventure devised down to the smallest detail that will keep both friends of the original and beginners busy for a long time.