Fortnite players feed the volcano to make it explode?

In Fortnite is brewing powerful. But this is not meant as a bad mood community, but the volcano on the map of the Battle Royale shooter. He has been showing signs of wanting to break out for some time. When will it pop? You can be pretty sure that the volcanic eruption is imminent. Season 8 will end on May 8, and Season 9 will begin on May 9 at the earliest. During this approximate period, the lava mountain will most likely blow up its virtual liquid rock.

Players feed volcano

As part of Season 8, special rune challenges became available in Fortnite , Polygon reports. They revolve around the volcano and have a slightly ritualistic character. In the first rune challenge, players had to scratch with the pickaxe at the volcano, in the third before the volcano dance. So the community of Fortnite slowly worked through the challenges.

By now they have reached the fifth rune. This demands to feed the volcano with building material and ammunition . Now the players happily throw their offerings into the fiery gullet, which then acknowledges them with a suitable animation.

In addition, players now report an occasional simmering and rumbling that is reminiscent of an earthquake. Slowly but surely a bigger boom is announced. Around the 8th of May players will be allowed to admire a volcano eruption in Fortnite.

To the backgrounds

This is how the changes go: Traditionally, the seasons in Fortnite are accompanied by thematic changes in the game world. These announce themselves as little secrets for weeks that want to be aired by the players. In the finals, a temporary event will take place, bringing changes to the game world.

How is this reflected in the game? For example, an event struck a meteorite that dug a huge crater into the landscape. He also brought mysterious purple stones that could be consumed and increased the ability of the character to jump. Thus, the events also bring playful innovations.

Why is Epic Games doing this? The developers use in Fortnite a special form of storytelling , the Environmental Storytelling. The game tells you the story so not about dialogues or texts of NPCs, but about the game world itself. In addition a group of game lovers developed Fortnite Account Generator for the lovers of this epic game, you can give a try for this.

Clever marketing: In this way, Epic Games manages the coup, an otherwise rather boring static game world, in which the Battle Royale always play similar scenes, always new and interesting. This is how players permanently find reasons to return and the subject of Fortnite remains on everyone’s lips.

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