Plasma Donations? Is Not It Like Donating Blood?

“I’ve always known about blood donations and how important they are, because everyone could get into the situation of needing blood. Especially with rare blood groups, it is important to donate. But plasma donation? I had never heard of it. Until a friend made me aware of the CSL Plasma Center in Frankfurt. ”

18-year-old student Emma tells us that, after hearing about the plasma donation, she decided to become a plasma donor herself and to save her life: “Out of interest, I started to study the topic and do a bit of research. I was shocked to find out how little most people know about it and at the same time impressed on how many people it can help.

And this is only possible with a plasma donation, because plasma can not be artificially produced (as well as blood). The drugs from plasma can help people whose immune system is disturbed or it is used for example in an injury. Blood plasma is also needed in major operations, accidents or cancers.

So when I found out that it is even easier or more pleasant than blood donations and also no big effort, I decided to donate and become a lifesaver. I think a lot more people should be concerned with the issue and save the lives of sick people, especially healthy young people like me. ”

What Is A Plasma Donation?

We all carry a fluid in us from which vital medicine can be obtained for many people: the blood plasma. More than half of our blood consists of the yellowish-clear fluid, the blood plasma, which contains, among other things, valuable proteins. These form the basis of many essential medicines and, for the most part, can not be synthesized. In other words, patients are dependent on donating plasma – and need your support.

What will become of the blood plasma donations? For example, with the blood plasma collected, we can make medicines used to treat blood clotting disorders, weakened immune systems, or severe injuries and shocks. Here we want to offer you a platform where you can inform yourself honestly and honestly about plasma donations. We want to show you how to do good and do great things with little effort. BioLife Plasma Services, the head in the collection of large-quality plasma gives payment in the form of Biolife coupon when you donate plasma.

Why Donate Plasma?

Donating plasma means saving lives. These are big words, but they are true. In Germany alone, around 16,000 chronically ill people are treated with plasma preparations. More than one million children and adults around the world need medicines made from plasma. And together we can help them.

But who actually needs plasma preparations? Especially people with a weakened immune system regularly need plasma, because their body can not ward off any infection without external support. Only with plasma preparations is it possible for them to lead a relatively normal life.

Even people with blood clotting disorders (the so-called hemophilia) are dependent on it. Due to a defective gene your body produces no or not enough coagulation factors. Even small injuries can cause them to lose large amounts of blood or even die. Plasma drugs help them. In Germany alone, about 5,000 people are affected by this disease and already one sick child needs up to 100 donations per month. This shows how urgently blood plasma is needed.

However, even for people who do not have a serious illness, plasma can be vital if used, for example, as a surgical wound adhesive.

How To Donate Plasma?

As with blood donation, blood is also removed from your arm for plasma donation. The biggest difference: Right at the time of removal, the remaining components of the blood are separated from the plasma and returned to you. This protects your body – and is the reason why plasma donations are much more common than normal blood donations, namely up to twice a week and 60 times a year.

Basically, donating plasma takes about 45 minutes. The blood is centrifuged in a closed system, which separates the heavier blood cells from the lighter plasma. This process is called plasmapheresis. The blood plasma is collected, the remaining blood components flow back into your body. Of course, all the materials that contact the blood during donation are disposable materials. With your donation you make an important contribution and you should feel comfortable with it. That’s why you can listen to music, read or surf the internet during the donation process.

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